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Dredging provides a clean start

Muck that sits on the floor of a body of water is the result of an accumulation of organic debris that settles to the bottom. This sludge can be a mixture of leaves, fish waste, decaying plants, dead algae, or debris washed into the water by storms and/or rain runoff from agriculture, lawn fertilizers, industrial waste, and septic tanks.

Often, when a lake becomes overgrown with nuisance vegetation, the practice of herbiciding this nuisance vegetation will leave behind a thick layer of muck and nutrients that feed algae blooms. Simply spraying the vegetation treats the issue, but creates additional problems.

Watershed experts agree that physically removing the muck and excess nutrients out of the water and planting non-invasive native plants is the best way to maintain clean water and support bio-diversity.

Sea & Shoreline has both the equipment and expertise to handle large and small-scale muck removal projects.

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